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 Why Work Towing Pros Hialeah, FL?

Towing Pros Hialeah, FL is open to serve you 24/7 and we can provide you the fastest, most reliable, and most affordable towing services in this city.  Choosing us over other car hauling services companies out there would mean all your needs will be addressed quickly so you can save your time. This is particularly helpful and useful when you are in need of emergency roadside assistance. Consider checking our road assistance services like AAA Roadside AssistanceUSAA Roadside Assistance, and Allstate Roadside Assistance.

It is worth mentioning that our dispatchers were trained and expert when it comes to customer service.  We can guarantee you that they are friendly, approachable, and can understand the situation you’re into.  We are aware that you can choose to hire other wrecker services providers but instead you choose us so we won’t let you down!   We work really hard to receive 5 out of 5 stars as feedback for every job finished. Also, in case you have some questions or issue that you wanted to be addressed, please call us instantaneously and we will surely entertain you and make amends with the problems. 


About Our Services

How Towing Pros Hialeah, FL Does Calculates The Towing Fees?

As what was mentioned earlier, we pride ourselves on delivering our clients the most economically and reasonably priced owing services.  So if you’re wondering how Towing Pros Hialeah, FL computes the rates of towing services, these are based upon the subsequent factors:

-What type of vehicle will be towed? (Will it be car towing, SUV towing, pick-up truck towing, and etc.)

-Location of the vehicle to be towed.

We, at Towing Pros in Hialeah, FL can assure you that our service fees are constantly truthful and transparent so you will never be surprised. We offer cheap towing and guaranteed high quality and affordable services.

Towing Pros Hialeah FL’s Fleet

Towing Pros Hialeah, FL is equipped and armed with several tow trucks that are always ready to assist our dear customers.  The moment you call us, we will search for the truck that’s closest to your location. After that, we will dispatch them to head to your place wherever you are in Hialeah, FL.  It is also significant to note that Towing Pros has logistics software that lets us search for the nearby tow truck to be able to minimalize your waiting time. Furthermore, we regularly service our fleet of tow trucks to make sure that they are always up and ready to serve our valued clients.

Check also our flat tire service and wrecker service.

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What Are The Services That Towing Pros Hialeah, FL Offers?

 Being one of the best and most dependable car hauling services providers in Hialeah, FL, Towing Pros has plenty of services that can offer you. To make you acquainted what we offer our dear clients; here are a few of them:

  • Roadside Assistance

The moment your car malfunctions it is certainly a stressing and annoying scenario that you have to deal with. But then, don’t panic! Just grab your phone and call the best vehicle hauling company here in Hialeah, FL. We are always ready to help and assist you with our roadside assistance. Here at Towing Pros Hialeah, FL we can assure you that we are offering roadside assistance programs for years, and our client really loved it. Please allow our dedicated and hardworking team to make sure that you receive the best towing service that you deserve!

  • Towing Services

Towing Pros has been doubling its efforts to establish our car hauling services in Hialeah, FL. As a matter of fact, we have been really working hard to not just establish our brand in this city but also in the nearby communities as well. We, at Towing Pros, are always ready to extend our helping hand your next jam. We can make use that with our car towing services, you’re in good and caring hands.

For some reference, we are offering three different towing choices for our valued clients. With our fleet that only offers top-notch towing options, you will surely be stress and hassle-free. Our towing options include the following:

–      Light Duty Towing

–      Medium Duty Towing

–      Heavy Duty Towing

  • Auto Lockout and Start-Up Service

If ever you have experienced locking your car by accident or you unintentionally left the dome light on and now, the battery of your car is completely dead, Towing Pros in Hialeah, FL got you covered! We are offering auto lockout and start-up services!

Through our help, you won’t have to smash your car window just to be able to handle car lockout situations. Towing Pros in Hialeah, FL has skilled car locksmiths who can unlock your vehicle in just a few minutes! No need to break a sweat in breaking your car window! How convenient, isn’t it? Aside from that, in a case where the car battery is dead, we can also offer you a jump start service whenever you need it! We will head to your location to help and assists you!

  • Junk Car Removal

If there’s a junk car obstructing your parking space at home, or just behind your workplace building, Towing Pros in Hialeah, FL can also help you with that piece of scrap! Just call us and we are very much willing to assist you in removing the junk car swiftly and with ease. With our heavy-duty, wheel lift, and flatbed tow trucks, we can take away the annoying and unwelcome scrap automobile via our junk vehicle removal services. If you have plans of donating it or just sending to the junkyard, Towing Pros Hialeah, FL can definitely assist you! Just call us and we will be right by your side instantly!

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High quality and affordable service. Higly recommended. I Will reach them out for soon projects.
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Thank you for saving me with my faulty car. 5 stars for this service. Once again, thank you!

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