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Are you dealing with flat tire issues, engine problems or just unexpected break down issues on your vehicle? Our company is here to help. To be stagnant on the road must be very difficult most especially when you are in a hurry and going to a very important event. Almost all experienced the feeling of waiting as a result of an unexpected break down or sudden problem in your vehicles. It comes to happen unexpectedly, either in the highway, on the road, on the parking area or in the plaza. In this situation, the first thing that comes into your mind is the need for help from anyone knowledgeable to help you in this matter. Your last and best action you must have to do is to hire from a towing company to help you move your car into the auto repair shop.

Looking for your ideal towing company must have been very challenging. Do not worry, our company for roadside services such as towing services is designed to give you the ideal services you are looking for. Our company is operating in Hialeah Florida and the field of expertise for 20-30 years. Our company provides many different kinds of vehicles for any roadside emergencies including towing services. If you are finding for a towing company in Hialeah, Florida we are your best option. Our roadside employees including our drivers are inexperienced, experts and with a license. We are experts in picking up one or more vehicles to one location and transport it to the designated place you want us to deliver your vehicle. We are also offering wrecker service and flat tire service.


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Advantages from Flatbed Towing Method:

You might probably be asking if what is the best option for towing your beloved car to move it to another place. Well, the best, safe and most common way that our company may suggest you is the flatbed towing service. The use of flatbeds tow utilizes a distinct tow truck that is with a flatbed to carry your vehicle in place. Flatbed is also known as rollback and it is the ideal way of towing your vehicle. Specialized hydraulics are utilized to move the flatbed upwards and downward. 

The situation of your vehicle is being in place to the flatbed preventing the wheels from moving thus preventing wear and tear of the tires and other parts of your vehicle. With that flatbed, the vehicle in place is well secured and is elevated from the ground. The use of flatbed tow is also recommendable for vehicles that are immobile and make use of powerful automated winch for pulling. Using this method saves time as well, because it is just a matter of moving the flatbed into the road surface, hooked the vehicle and pulling it in place and secure making it easier to use than the regular tow system.

No matter what kind of four-wheel drive, damaged vehicles or even large vehicles flatbed is the ideal tow truck recommendable for you. In all aspects, such as construction purposes, transportation purposes and manufacturing purposes flatbed tows are necessary and bring great help. One of its great benefits is free or less damage to your bumper since your car is in flat positions. Unlike the regular tow truck that can ruin your transmission, flatbed truck tow are safe from harming your transmission. The flatbed tow system is safe and free from any damage since your vehicle is seriously secured, it will not move elsewhere.

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Fun Facts about Tow Truck:

In the old days and even nowadays to someplace, people towed their vehicles in many different ways. Let’s say for example in India, they sometimes use the help of elephants in pulling their broken vehicles. Before tow trucks were invented, people already know to tow their vehicles such as using big animals to help them in pulling their vehicles as well as their things from anything and anywhere else. As the years pass by, in the year 1916 the first tow truck was invented by a mechanic named Ernest Holmes. Till then trucks for tow were invented and become more developed that plays a big role in the life of human society making life better and convenient. Without the discovery of modern tow trucks nowadays, we might not be able to experience the conveniences and enjoy life nowadays. Thank you to the development of tow trucks.

How Does the Flatbed tow Works?

The tow truck operator does the special process, first from lowering the flatbed into the road surface. The operator will fasten the two end hooks in front of the vehicle making it easy to pull the vehicle in place inside the bed with the use of a winch. On the other hand, if the vehicle is still in good condition to drive, the operator will simply drive the vehicle into the flatbed and secure it ready to be transferred to any place. 

Car problems may occur anytime and anywhere you are. You might encounter it in the middle of the night or at dawn while driving for your desired destination. In this given situation, you might panic at first and feel helpless most especially if you are in a place where you are not familiar with or where there is no near gas station you could ask for help. In order not to feel panic and helpless, and in order not to push your car long way or walk for miles to get help or to walk to the nearest gasoline station just contact us. Our company is offering a variety of roadside services including towing services wherever you are and anytime 24/7 in Hialeah Florida. Our company together with our professional employees will be there to help and assist you wherever you are, any time of the day and whatever kind of vehicle emergencies you have. Just feel free to call us because we are here to help you. 

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Thank you for saving me with my faulty car. 5 stars for this service. Once again, thank you!

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