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“No one is perfect” we always use this word in our everyday lives. Even how smart, intelligent and vigilant a person is, there are still times when he/she comes to make mistakes. Such mistakes that sometimes frustrating and annoying is leaving your car key inside the car or probably losing or misplacing it or maybe due to other unexpected reason. When these mistakes happen, do not worry it is common and may happen to anyone. You just need to contact our company and we will send you our locksmith experts to rescue you. Towing Hialeah FL is always here for you and offers cheap towing and 24 hour towing service.


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Reasons for Car Lockouts and When to seek for Emergency Locksmiths Professional

As the world is getting highly modernized and technologies are getting into progress, episodes such as car locks are turning into a great problem. No matter what method you use to open your locked car, the following must have been the common reason and might require our help to unlock your car.

  1. Your keys are misplaced and cannot find anywhere It happens when you do not know exactly where placed your keys. It is somewhat misplaced in the place where it is very hard to find. This might take you a long hour to find your keys, but to prevent such spending time in finding your lost key, your best option is to seek the help of professional locksmith services like us. Calling us to unlock your car is the fast action and will bring about saving time and effort on your part.
  2. Keys are left inside your locked car One of the common mistakes that the car owner does not want to commit again is forgetting their keys inside the car cab or trunk. It is too disappointing and depressing when you suddenly shut the door of your car then realize quite a second that your keys are left right inside the car. Taking into the action of unlocking your car, you may think of doing the old method of using screwdriver or coat hanger but it might even turn into worse. To resolve this, you just need to call for our help and we will unlock your car safely and free from damage.
  3. Keys are stuck in the ignition switch or the door lock It is very uncommon for the key to be stuck on the door or in the ignition switch but it happens in some cases unexpectedly. Forceful taking it out from its position will be an alternative way or you might consider using your spare keys to open it. If you cannot do the alternative method because of no tools and no spare keys available, still your best option is to call for help from our professional locksmith. Our professionals are equipped with the necessary tools for taking your key out or making you a new key immediately.
  4. Vehicle Theft (attempted) In an instance that theft wants to steal your car or has the motive to steal something inside your car, the theft will try to break your car resulting in malfunction and locked out. Damaging your car door with tools may cause damage to the ignition and doors. Improper opening the door with proper keys for modernized car secured with a computer security system will disable your car to the point of locked out if an improper opening is done. Contacting your dealer will be an option to help you deactivate the security system or still your best option is to ask help from our expert locksmith professional to assist you. 
  5. Transponder and Key Fob Issues

Issues or problems from your key fob or transponder is also one of the reasons for a car lockout. Probably the key fob or transponder’s internal chip lost its function or broken leaving your car to be locked ou. But there’s nothing to worry because even in this aspect our expert locksmith can help you to reprogram and fix your broken fob if no alternative method is available.

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Tips for Emergency Lock Out of your Car:

  1. Calm yourself and ruminate

Locked out of your car may turn your day into ruin if you do not solve it right away. The usual reaction is to feel alarmed and stress most especially when you need to rush for something needing immediate action providing the need to use your car.  In this situation, stay calm and do not do an action that will damage your car or even injure you instead think first carefully on how to resolve it. Think first if you have any extra key you keep for an emergency. Or try to ask your dealer for a temporary key. This is still the best and first option to do.

  1. Check for Roadside Assistance:

 If you do not have any key alternatives then your next option is to check for roadside assistance. Roadside assistance is one of the cheapest roadside services you can rely on. It is the roadside assistance to negotiate with the local roadside services and locksmith to reach you.


  1. Tow Truck Services:

The most appropriate way if all the alternatives given above is not available is to call for a tow truck services that will tow your truck and get your car into the nearest shop that can help in unlocking your car. 

Wherever you are and whatever is the cause of your car to be locked out in Hialeah, Florida. Our company is here capable of rendering our services with the help of our inexperienced and professional automotive locksmith. Our professional locksmith will drive to your exact location and open your car. You might ask help from another person or police officer might come to respond but it may turn into causing damage to your car just to unlock it. There are many ways to unlock your car, but if you do not want to cause damage or break into your car, you can count on us. Ask for assistance from us, we can open your car without causing harm, we are capable of fixing your broken locks with satisfying results and can make a new key if broken and lost.

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